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We seek to pour out our lives in worship before God to give Him the glory and adoration that is due to His Holy name. Through worship we create an atmosphere of possibilities where people can experience the trans-formative power of the Holy Spirit. 

Lives have been changed, chains have been broken and testimonies abound each time we gather unto God to lift His name high in worship.

We are One Worship Ministry in multiple locations.

No. 40 Inuwa Wada Crescent, Off TOS Benson, Utako-Abuja

We are blessed to have a vibrant and growing congregation, closely knitted group of individuals who are united by our shared faith and commitment to spiritual growth through worship and the word.
We are blessed to have multiple locations that extend our reach and impact across the nation. No matter which location you choose, you will find a supportive community ready to embrace you, encourage you, and provide opportunities for personal and collective transformation
We have embarked on so many mission trips, impacting communities in 7 different states, with over more than 100 volunteers involved."

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Discover Purpose! Join our Growth Track

The Upper Room Assembly guides you to discover your redemptive purpose and life in Christ Jesus by the instrumentality of worship.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Here you’ll find information on upcoming events and helpful resources to grow you up in your Christian walk. To really know the Upper Room Assembly, though, is to come and visit in person. We will like to personally invite you to be our honored guest this weekend at any of our special worship services all across the country. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the URA family.

Raising spirit filled worshippers who are distinguished from others.

To raise Altar of worship in every household for the blessings of God to rest in families across the world (2 Samuel 6:11)


Golden Insights

Unearthing God's Profound Wisdom for your life journey and spiritual growth

Encounters with Grace: Stories of Hope, Healing and Redemption

Bridging Hearts, Building Hope: Extending Christ's Love through Worship

Embracing Abundance, Sharing Blesings: Partner with Us in God's Mission


A visual glimpse into the Upper Room Assembly